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Sparkfield GmbH,
Hans-Grüninger-Weg 11-14,
71706 Markgröningen

Phone: 0151-52851929


Our patented strength training device Sparkfield Core combines the latest robotic technologies with the best training methods to combine the benefits of free weights with guided machine training. Sparkfield Core only requires a floor space of 2 square metres. With just one machine and at the touch of a button, so to speak, you get the training quality and variety of a complete premium gym. Sparkfield Core offers a wide range of over 30 recognised strength exercises for all muscle groups. Whether pulling or pushing exercises while standing or sitting - the selection is varied and customisable.

Description of customers/target groups

Sparkfield Core is predestined for use in small areas. In the field of occupational health management (OHM), Sparkfield Core is the only way to open up an important future market. Other target segments include modern residential complexes, physiotherapies, micro-studios, hotels and sports clubs.

Vision of Sparkfield

To provide an efficient and inspiring strength training experience in environments favoured by the user.

Market launch

The first certified devices were successfully delivered to the pilot customer in April 2023. Series production will start at the beginning of 2024 with the first deliveries to customers from June.

Important milestones

M-2024 Delivery of the first series systems to customers
A-2024 Start of series production
04.2023 „Sparkfield Core“ V4: Market entry and delivery to the pilot customer in the field of occupational health management
10.2022 Major progress in patent examination procedures
04.2022 Premiere at FIBO 2022
11.2021 Customer-ready prototype „Sparkfield Core“ V3
04.2021 First fully functional demonstrator
A-2021 Management Buy-Out and foundation of Sparkfield GmbH
2019-2020 Studies at the former employer Robert Bosch GmbH
A-2019 Initial ideas from the 2 managing directors, Amos and Mattias


Prof. Dr. Amos Albert, Mattias Hallor, Steffen Petereit, Dehlia Khelif, Dr. Clemens Buss

Managing Director:
Prof. Dr. Amos Albert and Mattias Hallor

Short CV - Prof. Dr. Amos Albert
Amos has spent over two decades developing robots and bringing them to market. He has extensive experience in the start-up environment and business development.

Education: Dipl.-Ing. 1996; Dipl.-Ök. 1998; Dr.-Ing. 2001; Prof. 2011,

Short bio: Bosch 2002-2020: Project Manager, Chief Expert ‘Robotics and Autonomous Systems’, Managing Director Bosch Subsidiary, CEO Corporate Start-up, Product Group Manager and Vice President; Leibniz University Hannover 2011-13: Substitute Professor.

Short CV - Mattias Hallor
Mattias has been successfully strength training for over 30 years and has been European champion as well as German champion and record holder in the bench press. He has been inspired for many years to make strength training more efficient and accessible to a wider group of people.

Education: MSc. Physics and Electrical Engineering (Sweden)

Short bio: Bosch 2002-2020: System Developer, Product Manager, Head of Global Product Management for Motors and Drives

Authorized signatory:
Steffen Petereit


Sparkfield GmbH
Registered office: Markgröningen
Registration court: Amtsgericht Stuttgart
Commercial Register: HRB 778630

Purpose of the company: Development and distribution of software-intensive and mechatronic products and services in connection with fitness, sports, leisure and health.

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